Saturday, May 29, 2010

Night Tide (1961) starring Dennis Hopper

In commemoration of the passing of Dennis Hopper (17 May 1936 - 29 May 2010), his performance in director/writer Curtis Harrington's 1961 horror/noir hybrid Night Tide is presented below. Hopper plays a lonely sailor who falls for an enticing and mysterious woman. His curiosity drives him as the movie progresses. The darkly (sadly, this print is also very dark and kind of beat up) atmospheric cinematography often shot around the Santa Monica Pier or Venice, California adds to the dreamy tone. It's a decidedly offbeat tale that had a difficult time finding an audience upon initial release, often playing the bottom bill on drive-in double and multiple features.

the trailer

the feature


  1. Hopper looks like a young Paul Newman there.

  2. He does - about six years later the two would appear together in Cool Hand Luke.

  3. i like your banner + the little pictures on the side.

  4. Thanks for the kind words - they are most appreciated. Helen Mirren looks repeatedly ravishing in that banner! Hope you enjoyed the Dennis Hooper related post and/or any of the others.