Tuesday, August 31, 2010

L-Seven EP (1982)

Prior to playing guitar in the Laughing Hyenas with former Negative Approach singer John Brannon, Larissa Stolarchuk (later Strickland) performed vocal duties and released a 3 song ep during the early 80s with Detroit's sonically angular L-Seven. Not hardcore, but a bit too rough around the edges for new wave, L-Seven provided a startling difference to the super aggressive hardcore bands well represented in Detroit during this period. Despite a number of high profile support slots for acts like Echo and the Bunnymen, The Gun Club and U2, L-Seven's tenure proved short lived. Drummer Kory Clarke later achieved some commercial success fronting the major label band Warrior Soul.



Clear Vision

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

La Soufriere (1977) Warten auf eine unausweichliche Katastrophe

La Soufrière - Waiting for an Inevitable Disaster

Recently watched the humorous (and recommended) mockumentary Incident at Loch Ness (2004) which was co-written by Werner Herzog and Zak Penn, who was also the director as well as appearing in the film alongside Herzog. Aside from the curious fact that among his other projects Zak Penn was the screenwriter for PCU (1994), I was reminded of the high quality and fascinating actual documentaries Werner Herzog has created throughout the years and La Soufriere is one of my favorites.

La Soufriere takes Herzog and a skeleton crew to the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe as an enormous volcano has begun showing multiple signs than an cataclysmic eruption is imminent. Many years earlier, the volcano had erupted and killed everyone nearby (with one notable exception) and this fact has caused nearly all residents near the volcano to evacuate. He is drawn to the situation and interested in speaking with the one islander who has chosen to remain. The visuals are supplied with beautiful panoramas of rugged and lush landscapes which are contrasted with stark, "after-the-end-of-world" shots of the town completely devoid of humans - but with electricity still powering things such as traffic lights.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sonic Youth - 1986 - St. Louis, MO

Sonic Youth
Monday, 3 November 1986
Mississippi Nights - St. Louis, MO

Marilyn Moore
Tom Violence
White Cross
Shadow of a Doubt
Death to our Friends
Secret Girl
Green Light
Brother James
Expressway to yr Skull
Starpower w/fIREHOSE

Here's footage from most of the set...

Marilyn Moore

White Kross

Shadow Of A Doubt

Death To Our Friends

Secret Girl

Green Light

Starpower w/ fIREHOSE

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chick Corea/Return to Forever + Herbie Hancock/Headhunters - 1974 - Chicago

Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters

Chick Corea and Return to Forever

from PBS Soundstage
1974 - Chicago, Illinois

Chick Corea & Return to Forever
1. Beyond the Seventh Galaxy [Take 1]
2. Vulcan Worlds
3. Rumble in the Beginning (a.k.a. Space Circus, Part 2)
4. Beyond the Seventh Galaxy [Take 2]

Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters
1. Butterfly
2. Interlude
3. Chameleon

Chick Corea & Herbie Hancock
1. Someday My Prince Will Come







Chick Corea & Return to Forever
Stanley Clarke ... Electric Bass
Chick Corea ........ Fender Rhodes Stage 73 Mark I Electric Piano,
Hohner D6 Clavinet, Mini-Moog, Yamaha Organ,
Moog 15 Sample & Hold, Introductions
Al DiMeola .......... Electric Guitar
Lenny White ....... Drums

Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters
Mike Clarke .......... Drums
Herbie Hancock .... Fender Rhodes Suitcase 88 Mark I Electric Piano,
Hohner D6 Clavinet, ARP Odyssey, Mellotron,
ARP String Ensemble, Vocals, Handclaps,
Paul Jackson ........ Electric Bass
Bennie Maupin ..... Tenor Saxophone, Vocals, Handclaps
Bill Summers ........ Percussion, Vocals

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors (1963)

This oddity of children's film fare from the former Soviet Union was written about in a past issue of the always excellent Shock Cinema and the high weirdness described in the review encouraged a viewing.

The movie opens with a persistently misbehaving young girl magically entering the Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, accompanied by her own reflection, in an inter-dimensional battle against the bad guys. Loads of color and lavishly designed sets are a real highlight and impressive part of the production, often as trippy as the more lysergic Sid and Marty Krofft ideas. Filmed while the Cold War was red hot, even in this kiddie flick there is room to integrate condemnation for the stupidity of capitalism. For fans of bizarre cinema from around the globe - check it out!