Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Meat Puppets - 1985 - Phoenix, Arizona

Meat Puppets

14 February 1985 
The Mason Jar 
Phoenix, Arizona

03:07 Magic Toy Missing
04:40 Enchanted Pork Fist
07:00 The Whistling Song
08:58 Maiden's Milk
12:17 Away
15:58 Oh, Me
18:30 Too Real
20:35 Buckethead
23:00 Up On The Sun
26:45 Lake Of Fire
28:28 Creator
30:42 Swimming Ground
33:47 Hot Pink
37:20 Plateau
39:46 Seal Whales
42:16 Animal Kingdom
44:44 Good Golly Miss Molly
48:44 Lost
52:00 Two Rivers

Sonic Youth - 1983 - Milan, Italy

8 November 1983
Odissea 2001
Milan, Italy 

The World Looks Red
She's in a Bad Mood
Early American
Burning Spear
Confusion is Next
Brother James 
Kill Yr Idols
Making the Nature Scene
Shaking Hell
The Good and the Bad

Monday, January 30, 2017

B.J. Lang Presents (1971) aka The Manipulator

The truly bizarre film B.J. Lang Presents (aka The Manipulator) was directed by Yabo Yablonsky and first came to my attention via a review in the outstanding publication Shock Cinema.

The film plays out with only three characters and for the most part tight and limited staging. As a counterpoint tons of camera effects, hyper editing, even strobe lights are used to add a crazed rush to the entire movie.

Mickey Rooney stars as a completely non compos mentis thespian who is operating under the false assumption that adoring folks are pestering him to perform the leading role in a staging of Cyrano de Bergerac. As he stumbles and growls through a set comprised of a warehouse of aging props and assorted debris we soon discover he is holding a woman he refers to as Carlotta (played by Easy Rider's Luana Anders) captive. Rooney chews the scenery with hardcore zeal as he forces her to act in his mini-productions while growing increasingly troubled. The only other character is a homeless man who wanders into the building looking for shelter and is played by Keenan Wynn.

The Christian Licorice Store (1971)

Director James Frawley gained my attention and interest for his involvement with two outstanding films: The Muppet Movie as well as the oddball U.S. filmed Western Kid Blue, starring Dennis Hopper, Warren Oates, and Peter Boyle. Prior to Kid Blue, Frawley directed this feature following a rising tennis star navigating life and games both on and off the court. The film's title The Christian Licorice Store is never mentioned or referenced in the film.

Beau Bridges stars as Los Angeles based new tennis ace Franklin Cane with Maud Adams as his steady girlfriend. Allan Arbus and director Jean Renoir also appear as do many familiar faces in smaller roles. Lalo Schifrin delivers a soundtrack worthy of his storied reputation and Tim Buckley provides some songs too.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Curtains (1983)

Curtains is a Canadian horror/suspense film that began production in 1980, but due to problems (tensions between producer and director perhaps chief among these difficulties) did not premiere in the United States until early 1983. The vibes were so bad that upon completion of the film, director Richard Ciupka had his credit changed to Jonathan Stryker, the name of the director in Curtains.

The movie did not find much of an audience theatrically but gained a second life through cable showings and video rentals, which is where I found it on a video store shelf around 1984.

Samantha Eggar stars as Samantha Sherwood, an incredibly committed actress who has herself thusly committed to a mental institution as method preparation for the title role in director Jonathan Stryker's (played by ham handed favorite John Vernon) newest film Audra. When Samantha finds out that Stryker has tapped several actresses to audition for Audra at a secluded estate; she breaks out angry and with revenge on her mind.

Curtains makes great use of the wintry setting and creates an increasingly chilly atmosphere with highlights being a creepy doll and a mask wearing murderer, wielding a nasty sickle.

the trailer

the feature

The Birthday Party - 1983 - Minneapolis

The Birthday Party
6 April 1983 
First Avenue 
Minneapolis, Minnesota 

01. Hamlet (Pow Pow Pow)
02. The Six Strings That Drew Blood
03. Deep In The Woods
04. Dead Joe
05. Swampland
06. Fears Of Gun
07. Wild World
08. Big Jesus Trash Can
09. Sonny's Burning
10. She's Hit
11. 6" Gold Blade
12. Pleasure Avalanche