Friday, June 29, 2012

Dinosaur Jr. - 1989 - Long Beach, CA

Dinosaur Jr. 
Cal. State, Long Beach, CA 05.12.1989

J Mascis, Lou Barlow & Murph
touring in support of Bug.

Sound Check (No Bones)
In A Jar [2:45]
The Lung [7:15]
Kracked [12:30]
No Bones [15:38]
Freak Scene [19:15]
Tarpit [22:30]
Yeah We Know [29:05]
Raisins [30:00]
Chunks [34:50]

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sorcerer (1977)

Here's a favorite of mine, Sorcerer. It's William Friedkin's 1977 remake of Henri-Georges Clouzot's 1953 film The Wages of Fear.

Roy Scheider (who portrays a low level American criminal) leads an international cast of characters each with their own deadly, grievous reasons to have relocated to a small town in a rather hostile South American country. But a chance for an extraction anywhere else is presented when financial reward is offered as compensation for those driving truckloads of ancient nitroglycerin through thick jungles and threatening mountains. It's a wild ride, best seen on the big screen and worthy of a viewing.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Damnation Alley (1977)

Roger Zelazny’s novel Damnation Alley (1967) was used as source material, but as is often the case, the 1977 film version did not necessarily follow the book to the letter.

Promising huge special effects along with science fiction action, the film was released five months after Star Wars had already captured that audience by the bucketful and had also truly delivered with spectacular creatures and ground breaking special effects. Damnation Alley did poorly at the box office and was quickly pulled and repackaged on a double bill with Ralph Bakshi's Wizards (1977). Curious side note: the film's "Landmaster" later made a cameo in Chris Elliott's sitcom Get a Life as the Paperboy 2000.

The feature is presented below.