Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sepultura - 1990 - El Paso, Texas

During the late 80s, Sepultura (means grave in Portuguese) were hitting a career peak with their Brazilian crafted thrash/death metal, demolishing listeners on 1989s genre classic Beneath the Remains. Produced by Scott Burns in a rather old school Rio de Janeiro studio in a short amount of time, this record brought their extremely heavy and fast music to a larger audience through it's release by the Roadrunner label.

Was lucky enough to catch Sepultura on the 1989 leg of their first American tour in support of Beneath the Remains when then played Chicago at the modestly sized Exit. The Exit was still in Old Town near Second City then and at that point had a half domed, playground looking "thunderdome" set up around the stage, which helped cause additional mayhem. The show was incredible, with the power and force of the performance making it an all time favorite show for me. Saw them next in 1992 (very briefly) when they and Helmet opened for Ministry (which, even though I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, was the first and only time I saw Ministry - they were kinda tainted for me by their With Sympathy era - never dug that record). Sepultura also played on the Alice n Chains/Ozzy tour in 1992.

This footage represents a show towards the end of the Beneath the Remains tour, from El Paso, Texas.

Primitive Future

Inner Self

Mass Hypnosis

Troops of Doom

Stronger Than Hate

Slaves of Pain


Escape To The Void



Sarcastic Existence

Symptom Of The Universe


Beneath The Remains

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hüsker Dü - 1985 - San Francisco

And here's footage of Hüsker Dü
from their show with SWA, Saccharine Trust,
the Meat Puppets and the Minutemen
1 March 1985
The Stone - San Francisco, California 

1 of 3
Hate Paper Doll
Green Eyes

2 of 3
Divide And Conquer
Pink Turns To Blue
Eight Miles High

3 of 3
Makes No Sense At All
Louie, Louie (featuring Minutemen, Meat Puppets, etc)

Meat Puppets - 1985 - San Francisco

Some more footage from "The Tour"
with the Meat Puppets (heavy on rough-hewn covers)
from their show with SWA, Saccharine Trust,
Hüsker Dü and the Minutemen
1 March 1985
The Stone - San Francisco, California 

Sea Of Love

Up On The Sun

Midnight Rider

Good Golly Miss Molly


plus Swimming Ground
from their 1985 record Up On the Sun

Monday, September 20, 2010

Minutemen - 1985 - San Francisco

Here's some great footage of the Minutemen
from their show with SWA, Saccharine Trust,
the Meat Puppets and Hüsker Dü
1 March 1985
The Stone - San Francisco, California 


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Grave of the Vampire (1974)

William Smith stars in 1974s Grave of the Vampire, a quirky horror tale that I first became aware after reading a video review in a mid 80s issue of Fangoria magazine. The result of a vampiric sexual assault; Smith portrays a hybrid human/vampire who searches for his neck biting father, the creepy Michael Pataki, in order to provoke a showdown with the creature.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Order - 1984 - BBC Radio 1

New Order
at BBC Radio 1 studios, 1984.

Age Of Consent


In A Lonely Place

Blue Monday

Sooner Than You Think

Monday, September 6, 2010

Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)

Bringing together iconic film tough guy William Smith with The Price is Right "Barker Beauty" Anitra Ford, 1973s Invasion of the Bee Girls (aka Graveyard Tramps) delivers on an over the top tale. An alien force is turning Earth women into black eyed bee creatures who kill the men they have sex with as part of an enterprise to take over the planet. Well alright then.

Heavy with 70s fashion and styles, you also get a visual time capsule of the Earth toned era. The soundtrack is superb, filled with lots of chukka wakka, interesting fuzzy funk. Sure, a lot of the acting is wooden and the film's pace could be a bit faster at times, but the bevy of attractive women plus the preposterous/puzzling plot turns up the 70s cinematic popcorn/cheese charm factor for me, making this a long time film favorite.

Robert Ebert gave the film a positive review back in 1973.

If you have Comcast, this is currently a free On-Demand movie.

the trailer

the feature

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hüsker Dü - 1983 - Philadelphia

Hüsker Dü
Love Hall - Philadelphia
16 December 1983

Here's footage from the first half of
this rollicking show...

Something I Learned Today

It's Not Funny Anymore, From the Gut, Wheels,
and Everything Falls Apart

Chartered Trips and Sunshine Superman

Eight Miles High

Broken Home, Broken Heart

01) stay off the P.A.
02) Something I Learned Today
03) It's Not Funny Anymore
04) From The Gut
05) Wheels
06) Everything Falls Apart
07) Chartered Trips
08) Sunshine Superman
09) Eight Miles High
10) Broken Home, Broken Heart
11) Dianne
12) What's Goin On
13) Masochism World
14) Bricklayer
15) What Do I Want?
16) Pride
17) talk & feedback tuning
18) Data Control
19) Punch Drunk
20) Out On A Limb
21) In A Free Land
22) Statues