Sunday, May 30, 2010

Motörhead - Another Perfect Day - 1983

There are multiple Motörhead records among my all time favorites, but Another Perfect Day is one of the tops.

Their sixth record initially caused some controversy among fans on it's release in 1983. Guitar player "Fast" Eddie Clarke had left the band and been replaced by ex-Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson. This line up change, along with the albums more expansive and melodic style didn't sit well with some folks. I'm a huge fan of the unique sound expressed on this one. "Rock It" even features prominent piano playing from Robertson; who stayed on long enough only to record this one record with the band.

1. "Back at the Funny Farm" – 4:14
2. "Shine" – 3:11
3. "Dancing on Your Grave" – 4:29
4. "Rock It" – 3:55
5. "One Track Mind" – 5:55
6. "Another Perfect Day" – 5:29
7. "Marching Off to War" – 4:11
8. "I Got Mine" – 5:24
9. "Tales of Glory" – 2:56
10. "Die You Bastard" – 4:25
"Turn You Round Again"* – 3:57
* Originally released as the B-side of I Got Mine.

Below are some videos and audio tracks of material from Another Perfect Day.


I Got Mine

One Track Mind

Rock It

Dancing on Your Grave

Turn You Round Again


  1. Great clips. I loved them all. I've loved Motorhead since I can remember.

  2. Motorhead just keep sounding better the longer I listen to 'em. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed this blog. Keep rocking Keith \m/