Sunday, March 28, 2010

Woyzeck (1979)

Adapted from the stage, Werner Herzog's Woyzeck was filmed almost immediately after completion of Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (1979) with many of the same cast and crew. The gaunt, tired and desperate performance from lead Klaus Kinski perhaps owes something to this fact.

original German trailer

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976)

The 1976 film The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane
has been out of print on vhs since 1989 and dvd since 2005.
Was talking about this film today and realized
I had not seen it in years...

the trailer

the film

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Skidoo (1968)

Otto Preminger allegedly was motivated to film this celluloid jaw dropper after speaking with his son about the 60s counter culture then subsequently reading a writing sample from Doran William Cannon, which highlighted lsd consumption and the gregarious hippie lifestyle. Mr. Preminger involved an array of additional writers, and a cast bulging with notable folk, with many from the "square" side of Hollywood checking out the Age of Aquarius.

Jackie Gleason stars as Tony Banks, an ex-gangster who gets an "offer he can't refuse" to return to family business as a hit man, but his misgivings further the wackiness that keeps this whole cinematic psychedelic roller coaster moving along.

the trailer

Aside from the free form and very 60s weirdness on display in every scene, the supporting cast is loaded with familiar faces from the movie world. Along with Jackie Gleason, others include: Carol Channing, John Phillip Law, Frankie Avalon, Frank Gorshin, Michael Constantine, Richard Kiel, Austin Pendleton, Mickey Rooney, Cesar Romero, Peter Lawford, Burgess Meredith and in his final film appearance, Groucho Marx. Harry Nilsson had a small role and also provided his talents to the soundtrack contributing several songs, with "Living in a Garbage Can" serving exceptionally well in one of the more outlandishly acid-tinged scenes.

The story goes that in preparation for his role, Groucho Marx even tried lsd. Paul Krassner, editor/publisher of the legendary satirical zine The Realist, has documented the event for posterity is his article "My Acid Trip with Groucho". Both that specific article, as well as most all of Krassner's writing comes highly recommended from myself.

The quality of the movie below is not the best, but it's been out of print for ages and it is the entire film. Dig big studio Hollywood trying to get their head around acid and hippies. In fact this movie would make a great double feature with The Monkees lysergic masterpiece Head or the film adaptation of Terry Southern's Candy.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Butthole Surfers ...Witness - 1986 - NYC

Recently unearthed, this showcases a performance
from an infamous gig at New York City's
Danceteria, 1986. The story goes that portions
of this footage were used in MTV's 120 Minutes
X-Ray segment on the Butthole Surfers
that aired 31 May 1987.
Happening to hear compilation track
"The Legless Eye" as the audio
towards the end of the clip.

Thanx to bleetingham for posting this on Youtube.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alejandro Jodorowsky - For One Week Only

Alejandro Jodorowsky's film The Holy Mountain has long remained
a film favorite of mine and in this episode of the UK program
For One Week Only (excellently hosted by the
learned and clever Jonathan Ross)
all of his heady work gets the spotlight.





Saturday, March 6, 2010

nsfw selections from Pierre Molinier

Working mainly in photography, collage and painting, Pierre Molinier (1900 - 1976) revealed a world in which he persistently played out his fantasies through his surreal and sexually compulsive artwork.

Using himself and a select few other models, he often pursued sexually charged themes involving cross dressing, androgyny and the repeating images of favorite body parts - especially stocking clad legs. André Breton was an early supporter of Molinier, getting his work into exhibitions in Paris and encouraging him through correspondence.

Pierre Molinier was a man who not only recognized, but celebrated his deviance from conventional society through his charged and unapologetic oeuvre. In 1950, not long after his wife had divorced him due to his constant infidelities and controversial conduct, Molinier constructed what he described as his "Premature tomb" filled with photographs of himself in dark situations, such as being crucified, staging his own deathbed scenarios or suicide. Placed atop this "tomb" was a black cross engraved with the following:
"Here lies
Born on 13 April 1900 died around 1950
He was a man without morals
He was proud of it and gloried in it
No need to pray for him."

Molinier's influence can be seen in the works of many contemporary artists such as Philippe Pissier for example.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Crime - 1978 at San Quentin Prison

An early American punk band, Crime was formed in 1976 by Johnny Strike (vocals, guitar), Frankie Fix (vocals, guitar), Ron "The Ripper" Greco (bass, ex-Flamin' Groovies), and Ricky Tractor (Ricky Williams) (drums). Based in San Francisco, the band was perhaps the first West Coast punk act to put out a record, when they self released the "Hot Wire My Heart" single in late 1976.

An infamous gig had them play for inmates at San Quentin. Below are video and audio clips from that show.

Piss On Your Dog
at San Quentin

San Quentin Prison set - 1978 - Part 1
audio only

San Quentin Prison set - 1978 - Part 2
audio only

San Quentin Prison set - 1978 - Part 3
audio only