Sunday, January 17, 2016

Reading, Writing, and Reefer (1978)

This anti-drug special was first aired on NBC, in 1978, during prime time and some months later was re-broadcast as an after school special. It profiles some young potheads from the suburbs of Atlanta (a highlight is when a wide array of pot paraphernalia is displayed) and then contrasts that with tough talk from doctors and anti-experts. Curious 40 plus minute video time capsule.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Van (1977)

Produced by Crown International Pictures, 1977s The Van is a sex comedy focusing on the exploits of recent high school grad Bobby, played by Stuart Goetz who a few years ealier was seen as the nice guy who Marcia blows off for a football player on a 1973 episode of The Brady Bunch.

Bobby lusts for the shapely blonde Sally but her current beau, tattooed tough guy Dugan is not amused by Bobby's interest. Bobby works at a car wash, where his boss (Danny DeVito) also sidelines as a bookmaker. Along the way, Bobby gets into goofy shenanigans, eventually purchases his dream van, and continues to get into R-rated hijinks in his quest for sex.

The van itself is quite a sight. A heavily tricked out and customized 1977 Dodge D300 Tradesman van, extras found inside include a waterbed, mirrored ceiling, an eight-track player, and a toaster; among other items. It also sports a custom paint job, with "Straight Arrow" emblazoned on both sides.

Musician Sammy Johns provides material for the soundtrack, including his 1975 hit single "Chevy Van" even though Bobby's van is a Dodge. Actor Stephen Oliver would return in his role as tough guy/bully Dugan in Crown International Pictures 1978 feature Malibu Beach.

the trailer

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