Friday, May 20, 2011

Dead Kennedys - 1984 - Los Angeles

This is some quality footage from 1984 of the Dead Kennedys
roaring through a killer set at the cavernous Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles. Dig it!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dead and Buried (1981)

I've always considered 1981s Dead and Buried an attention worthy and under rated horror flick. It's plot is widely divergent from the standard slasher fare so prevalent at the time. The film didn't fare too well at the box office and quickly made it's way to cable television which is where I had my first screening not long after theatrical release. Repeated vhs viewings confirmed it for me.

One of the film's screenwriters Dan O'Bannon is notable for his work on standout genre films such as Dark Star, Alien, Blue Thunder and Return of the Living Dead.

Among other credits, director Gary Sherman would go on to direct another vhs exploitation favorite of mine Vice Squad in 1982.

the trailer

the feature

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Bloody Valentine - 1992 - Austin, Texas

In early 1992 Dinosaur Jr, My Bloody Valentine and Babes in Toyland embarked on a U.S. tour and turned up the volume on their amps past 11. I saw 'em in March at Avalon in Boston. Stellar show from all bands, one of my favorites. My Bloody Valentine finished their set with a punishingly loud and especially feedback drenched version of "You Made Me Realize" - I mean REALLY loud, feel it in your organs loud - just like they did when the tour hit Liberty Lunch in Texas on the 8th of February 1992 as seen and heard 
in the clips below.

full My Bloody Valentine set list

1. I Only Said
2. Only Shallow
3. Slow
4. Nothing Much To Lose
5. You Never Should
6. Honey Power
7. Soon
8. To Here Knows When
9. You Made Me Realise

Honey Power

To Here Knows When

You Made Me Realise

my Boston show ticket


Honey Power

Off Your Face

Butthole Surfers - 1985

The year 1985 was an especially vital one for the Butthole Surfers
as they recorded, toured and created legendary live shows,
as seen in the clips below.

Too Parter LIVE 1985-01-04

Bar-B-Q Pope LIVE 1985-01-04

Gary Floyd 1985-08-25