Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Jesus Lizard - 29 April 1991 - DC Space

The Jesus Lizard began its existence in Texas - 1988 when former Scratch Acid vocalist David Yow teamed up with guitarist Duane Denison. Shortly thereafter, Yow's fellow band member from Scratch Acid, bassist David Sims joined the fold and everyone moved to Chicago in 1989. Once in Chicago, Jesus Lizard recorded their debut ep Pure with a drum machine filling out the rhythm section. While this initial release is beautifully raucous and strident, the band's sound became fully developed with the addition of drummer Mac McNeilly. 1990 saw the release of Head, both their first full length record as well as the first recordings as a four piece. Their 1991 record Goat is my favorite and the clips below come from a tour supporting it's release.

Studio recordings from The Jesus Lizard have always been a well tuned display of power dynamics at work, but it is in the live setting that their art damaged and primal fury get a chance to fully flex. Always a high energy performing band, early shows sometimes also allowed Yow a chance to display a wardrobe malfunction he called "tight n' shiny" for the audience.

Here are some clips from a 1991 Jesus Lizard show in Washington, DC at the tiny DC Space venue.

Then Comes Dudley


Killer McHann

Lady Shoes

Mouth Breather

One Evening

Bloody Mary

Monkey Trick

Sunday You Need Love

7 vs 8






  1. Cool post. I enjoyed reading the info and checking out the clips. I had heard of the Jesus Lizard before, but didn't really know anything about them.

  2. Thanks Keith. Hope you dug some of their loud and beautifully brash rock stylings.