Sunday, April 5, 2009

Metallica – Detroit – 4 April 1986

Recently reconnected with a high school buddy via Facebook and last week we were talking about Metallica. Have to go with Ride the Lightning as my favorite of their releases. Perhaps because right when I first got into Metallica that was their newest. Still view this record as perhaps an ideal combination of influences from the old school and new vanguards of heavy music; such as NWOBHM acts like Angelwitch or American hardcore heroes the Misfits.

Easily my second favorite Metallica record is Master of Puppets and the footage below comes from when that tour opening for Ozzy played Detroit on 4 April 1986. Thanks to KingSonal for posting these on YouTube.

Ride The Lightning

Damage Inc.

Am I Evil

Creeping Death

Seek And Destroy


show stoppage – over zealous crowd

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Master Of Puppets – video doesn't come in for 3 minutes


  1. Hey Scott. Great post. Can't wait to watch all those clips. I recently got back into Metallica. I love their early stuff. Ride The Lightning is an amazing album.

  2. Thanks Keith. This era of Metallica is classic and I still really enjoy those records. For what it is, fan shot footage, it looks passable and sounds ok but the bands enthusiasm plus the crowd response are over the top.

  3. Rock On!

    Metallica is my favorite Band! [Lightning is probably my 3rd favorite album, after Master #1 and Death Magnetic #2 - what can I say? Magnetic floored me!]

    Great Post Scott!!

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback Jason. The footage isn't ideal, but it's still a blast. So many folks I know/talk to (especially other old farts like me who haven't been too keen on later Metallica releases) are digging Death Magnetic. I wish I could, but it just leaves me reaching for the old records. The video from DM for "All Nightmare Long," with the zombies is pretty happening, tho.