Sunday, March 22, 2009

John Waters – 2 Letterman interviews 1986

Throughout most of the 1980s I was often sleep deprived due to staying up and watching the Late Night with David Letterman program. Thanks to the magic of Joe's videotapes and YouTube postings, I can once again revisit and enjoy clips from choice Letterman bits and guests such as Art Donovan, Crispin Glover, Sandra Bernhard, Tom Savini, Mr. T and many others. Another favorite and frequent Letterman guest during this period was John Waters. Here are two clips from 1986 appearances.


  1. Hey Scott. These are so cool. John Waters is one of a kind. I haven't always liked his movies, but he definitely can't be considering boring.

    Oh yeah. I just did a post about when I plan to return to blogging. I hope you'll check it out. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Keith. John Waters is easily one of my favorite Letterman guests from the 80s because he was always such a wild card. You never knew what he was going to talk about and he usually brought props that were chuckle worthy.

    Looking forward to checking out your new blogs.