Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mogwai - Philadelphia - 19 September 2008

Below is a sampling of 3 songs performed by the Scottish band Mogwai on 19 September 2008 at the Starlight Ballroom in Philadelphia. Touring now in support of their 2008 release The Hawk Is Howling, they make an appearance here in Boston on May 1 and while I have not scored tickets to the show, I'm still mulling over checking them out.

Mogwai - "Hunted By A Freak" (Starlight Ballroom 9/19/08)

Mogwai - "Summer" (Starlight Ballroom 9/19/08)

Mogwai - "Scotland's Shame" (Starlight Ballroom, Philadelphia 9/19/08)


  1. I've never seen or heard of this band before so this was a nice intro to them. Thanks. Hope you've had a good weekend.

  2. Thanks for listening/checking them out Keith. Mogwai works a wild variety to their sound, which at times can be reminiscent of early soundtrack era Pink Floyd or Slint, but at times can also possess an almost Slayer level of heaviness and power.