Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Kenny & Company (1976)

As a Halloween treat, presented here is a favorite coming-of-age movie of mine from 1976, Kenny and Company. Produced, scripted, and directed by Don Coscarelli; this film features several folks who would also go on to work with the director again in his career making horror classic from 1979 Phantasm. Perfect for this time of year and universal in appeal, this movie will especially resonate with those of us whose childhood included the 1970s.

Kenny and Company highlights a chunk of time in the life of Kenny (Dan McCann) leading up to Halloween. Along the way this comedy/drama finds Kenny interacting with his family, neighborhood bullies, first crushes, nerdy tagalong neighbor kid Sherman, his sympathetic teacher (Reggie Bannister), a foreign transfer student, an ailing beloved pet, and his mischievous best pal Doug (A. Michael Baldwin) plus his fun loving Dad Big Doug. The boys get into all sorts of other escapades culminating with an exciting Halloween night in which they get revenge on their tormenting bully by involuntarily involving the neighborhood scary/cranky old man played by Phantasm's big bad Angus Scrimm.

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