Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hot Resort (1985)

A hot mess, 1985s Hot Resort is a cliche filled, snobs-versus-slobs sex comedy that has no business being as entertaining as it is. Produced by Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus during their free wheeling spree of film creation during the 1980s, Hot Resort was directed and co-scripted by John Robins. Mr. Robins has an extensive career in both film and television, but I'm most impressed by his work directing The Benny Hill Show in the 1970s as well as his scripting of the grim 1980 nautical horror film Death Ship.

The story follows four pals from New York City who have hired on for the summer at a tropical beach resort. Of course they're horny, anxious to meet girls, and they also make pals with some of the other workers, initially in response to their new boss and his drill instructor like demeanor. Amongst this cast there are several familiar faces: Bronson Pinchot, Dan Schneider (Better Off Dead..., Head of the Class), and Samm-Art Williams (Blood Simple, A Rage in Harlem). Also on hand is a visibly tired looking Frank Gorshin playing a game show winner vacationing at the resort.

Also of note is the film's musical score, a great deal of which sounds similar to the generic background music from low budget porn being made during this time period.

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