Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Deadly Blessing (1981) - Repost

A repost, now with a functioning feature, sorry it's got Greek subtitles.

I first viewed Deadly Blessing (1981) during the onslaught of movies that were newly available to me through the wonders of vhs. While Wes Cravens' film output during this period is somewhat spotty, I've always dug this messy but atmospheric film.

After her husband is killed in a farming accident, pregnant Martha (Maren Jenson) has her two best friends (Sharon Stone and Susan Buckner) come to console her. Things quickly get creepy with a secretive Amish-like sect (which includes Ernest Borgnine and Michael Berryman) who think Martha is an "Incubus", recurring nightmares, and more unexplained deaths playing into the scenario.

the trailer
the feature 

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