Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daughter of Horror (1955)

At just under an hour running time, 1955s Daughter of Horror is a black and white feature of supreme oddity. I first learned of it from a brief write up in the RE/Search Incredibly Strange Films publication. It took some time to finally track it down for a viewing but it was worth the effort.

Filmed without sound, voice over narration provides the introduction - "Come with me into the tormented, haunted, half-lit night of the insane. This is my world. Let me lead you into it. Let me take you into the mind of a woman who is mad. You may not recognize some things in this world, and the faces will look strange to you. For this is a place where there is no love, no hope...in the pulsing, throbbing world of the insane mind, where only nightmares are real, nightmares of the Daughter of Horror!"

First released as Dementia, there was no narration; that was added when the film was re-released as Daughter of Horror. Easily working wihtin a nightmare/loss of reality akin to an Eraserhead perspective, this one is really odd and recommended for the curious.

The Feature

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