Friday, October 5, 2012

Born Innocent (1974)

Immediately after her star making role in The Exorcist, Linda Blair's next project was the controversial television movie Born Innocent.

This movie always brings back a curious childhood memory. At the time of it's initial airing I was too young to be aware or curious of it's upcoming airing since Marvel comic books, Godzilla, and the like were more my areas of interest. But while being babysat by a teenage neighbor, we made our way a couple doors down the street to her house so she could grab her troll doll collection for our amusement. During our time in her house she ran into her Dad, who was a police officer, and got into a huge screaming match with him because he was absolutely forbidding her to watch the salacious television movie. So ever since, I've always linked this incident to Born Innocent.

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