Thursday, October 7, 2010

Voivod - 1986 - The Ritz, NYC

photo © 1986 Ronald Mc Gregor

Presented below is some nth generation video of French Canadian favorite Voivod's first U.S. show at NYC's The Ritz back in 1986 opening for Cro-Mags and Venom. I have been digging on the Voivod concept, artwork (executed by drummer Away) and sound since first hearing them back in 1986/87. Their live shows were/are always a superb showcase for bringing their "cosmic drama" to the masses.

This footage displays the band taking things from a somewhat more conventional extreme heavy metal milieu (Venom, Motorhead, etc.) into a bit more progressive, thrash centric and more hardcore punk influenced realm. As always, Piggy's guitar transcends the norm with a powerfully unique resonance. He may be gone, but the music he helped create continues.

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1. Thrashing Rage
2. Warriors of Ice

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3. Korgüll The Exterminator
4. Fuck Off & Die

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5. Live for Violence
6. Order of the Blackguards

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7. Nuclear War

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8. Voivod


  1. I love Voivod. I've been listening to their music a lot more lately.

  2. Right on Keith - been rocking Voivod's Rrroooaaarrr!!! and Killing Technology a bunch lately.

  3. Can you put my credit for the picture of the band?
    © 1986 Ronald Mc Gregor.

    Thanks !

  4. no problem, I'll include your credit - great picture - thanx