Friday, October 22, 2010

Possessed - 1987 - Baltimore

Formed in 1983, Possessed were an early and heavily proficient thrash/death/black/crossover/etc. metal combo from the San Francisco Bay area. Initial membership shakeups eventually lead to this line-up: Mike Torrao - guitar, Larry LaLonde - guitar, Jeff Becerra - vocals + bass and Mike Sus - drums; which put out three releases - Seven Churches (1985), Beyond the Gates (1986) and The Eyes of Horror (EP) (1987). Their sound moved from Satanic themed hyper-fast death brutality towards a more thrash infused style.

After Possessed broke up, guitarist Larry LaLonde joined San Francisco metal band Blind Illusion in 1988. Soon after in 1989 he and Blind Illusion's bass player, Les Claypool, started up long running funk metal act Primus.

Here's some footage of Possessed playing Baltimore in 1987.


Holy Hell

Swing of the Axe

Burning in Hell

The Exorcist

Fallen Angel

Satan's Curse
from the Seven Churches lp


  1. Great clips. I don't think I had ever heard much from them. Hope you had a good weekend.

  2. Thanks Keith - Possessed were a "hell" of a metal band that are kinda forgotten today, over shadowed by the huge success of Primus

  3. POSSESSED is the best metal band ever! Nuff said.