Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sepultura - 1990 - El Paso, Texas

During the late 80s, Sepultura (means grave in Portuguese) were hitting a career peak with their Brazilian crafted thrash/death metal, demolishing listeners on 1989s genre classic Beneath the Remains. Produced by Scott Burns in a rather old school Rio de Janeiro studio in a short amount of time, this record brought their extremely heavy and fast music to a larger audience through it's release by the Roadrunner label.

Was lucky enough to catch Sepultura on the 1989 leg of their first American tour in support of Beneath the Remains when then played Chicago at the modestly sized Exit. The Exit was still in Old Town near Second City then and at that point had a half domed, playground looking "thunderdome" set up around the stage, which helped cause additional mayhem. The show was incredible, with the power and force of the performance making it an all time favorite show for me. Saw them next in 1992 (very briefly) when they and Helmet opened for Ministry (which, even though I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, was the first and only time I saw Ministry - they were kinda tainted for me by their With Sympathy era - never dug that record). Sepultura also played on the Alice n Chains/Ozzy tour in 1992.

This footage represents a show towards the end of the Beneath the Remains tour, from El Paso, Texas.

Primitive Future

Inner Self

Mass Hypnosis

Troops of Doom

Stronger Than Hate

Slaves of Pain


Escape To The Void



Sarcastic Existence

Symptom Of The Universe


Beneath The Remains


  1. Cool clips. I hadn't listened to this band for a long time.

  2. \m/ raging thrash at this Sepultura show