Monday, September 6, 2010

Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)

Bringing together iconic film tough guy William Smith with The Price is Right "Barker Beauty" Anitra Ford, 1973s Invasion of the Bee Girls (aka Graveyard Tramps) delivers on an over the top tale. An alien force is turning Earth women into black eyed bee creatures who kill the men they have sex with as part of an enterprise to take over the planet. Well alright then.

Heavy with 70s fashion and styles, you also get a visual time capsule of the Earth toned era. The soundtrack is superb, filled with lots of chukka wakka, interesting fuzzy funk. Sure, a lot of the acting is wooden and the film's pace could be a bit faster at times, but the bevy of attractive women plus the preposterous/puzzling plot turns up the 70s cinematic popcorn/cheese charm factor for me, making this a long time film favorite.

Robert Ebert gave the film a positive review back in 1973.

If you have Comcast, this is currently a free On-Demand movie.

the trailer

the feature


  1. love this, discovered it just a few months ago on a collection of various public domain horror movies, it was hands down the most entertaining aside from the barbara steele nightmare castle. seing as we have such similar tastes you might want to check out a project I'm working on with the subvex film collective with participation from jonas mekas, amos poe, bill morrison, nina menkes, etc. or cheers!

  2. right on Toby, I'll have to check out your recent collaboration...