Friday, December 18, 2009

What's Happening!! - a Christmas minisode

Rather loosely based on the somewhat more seriously minded 1975 film Cooley High, the television show What's Happening!! presented a family centric sitcom throughout it's run from 1976 to 1979. During it's tv tenure the What's Happening!! crew had more than a few memorable and funny adventures, such as the botched bootlegging escapades at a Doobie Brothers concert.

Presented below is a condensed episode, set during Christmastime. Raj and Rerun deal with the Grinch-like theft of not only their tv and stereo, but also all their Christmas presents!

What's Happening!! - Positive Identification - 1978


  1. I have a Henry Mancini tribute album with Rose McGowan on the cover & Ivy Rorshach performing Peter Gunn. But somehow they left off the What's Happening theme.

  2. A sad oversight as it's one of my favorite tv themes and Henry Mancini numbers. I'd put it up there with the themes for Sanford and Son, Barney Miller or Hawaii 5-0.

  3. I love that. I had never seen it before.

  4. Christmas episodes of sitcoms can be a mixed bag, dig this show. Watched it a bunch. Cheers.