Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Ten Favorite Albums of 2009

2009 offered a most happening selection of musical treats in both recorded (mainly cds) and live venues.

It seems fitting, that the same year in which I turned 40, many of my favorite live shows were delivered by long time rockers who refuse to limp away quietly and still have the chops to thrill an audience. Chicago hardcore heroes Naked Raygun played an incredible set this past summer and provided me with a chance to see them for the first time since 1989. The Butthole Surfers reconvened their classic touring lineup as did one time fellow Touch n Go label mates The Jesus Lizard. The JL show at the Paradise in Boston is easily my favorite of 2009. Also got a chance to see the Brazilian Os Mutantes not only touring, but releasing new, vital music. Never thought I'd get an opportunity to see them live, much less have them play right down the street from me in support of an album of entirely new material.

Os Mutantes - Hai or Amortecedor is the first of my favorite 2009 musical releases listed below, but there really isn't any order to the ten...

Os Mutantes - Hai or Amortecedor

The Flaming Lips - Embryonic

Slayer - World Painted Blood

Neko Case - Middle Cyclone

Mastodon - Crack the Skye

Dinosaur Jr- Farm

Air - Love 2

Bebel Gilberto - All In One

Sonic Youth - The Eternal

Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion


  1. interesting list! I'm going to have to track down chica chica boom chic after watching that video. I didn't realize Os Mutantes realeased anything new so again that's on my list as well as the new Flaming Lips which I've been lazy about actually going out and purchasing. I have to disagree with Animal Collective and Sonic Youth but that may be because I just haven't given them enough listens at least that may be the case with SY. Animal Collective just grates on my nerves for some reason and I've given it a few spins.
    Anyways good list. Here's mine posted a few weeks back;

    1) Heartless Bastards - The Mountain
    2) Antony and the Johnsons - Crying Light
    3) Sunn O))) - Monoliths and Dimensions
    4) Jarvis Cocker - Further Complications
    5) Fuck Buttons - Tarot Sport

    special mentions;

    Deerhunter- rainwater cassette exchange ep, The Horrors - primary colors and
    Dinosaur jr. - farm

  2. Right on Toby, thanks for the feedback. The new Mutantes is worthy of their back catalog and fit well in the live show along side vintage tunes. I can understand your beef w/Animal Collective 'cuz a sonic dissonance and repetition propels a good chunk of their stuff. Brazil represents in 09, def. check out the new Mutantes and Ms. Gilberto's All In One is also own-worthy, imho - as is the new Flaming Lips headphone trip. Would love to hit OK City for their New Years shindig. Your list has me wanting to check out Heartless Bastards, Fuck Buttons and the new Sunn 0))).

  3. I have some friends going to the NYE Lips bash (we're only a few hours away but I lived in Norman, OK for awhile and have seen them alot so am forgoing the 'trip'. Definitely check out Heartless Bastards. I like their first album best but it's all really good stuff. As for Animal Collective - I usually go for dissonance and repetition but for some reason that overlaid with the poppy harmonizing just short circuits my brain in a bad way. Anyways have a good New Year man. Cheers!

  4. Have not seen The Flaming Lips since the late 90s so I think I'm due one of these days. I've got The Heartless Bastards and Fuck Buttons on tap for some listening sessions in the next few days. Have a big rock candy mountain kinda Happy New Year and thanx again for checking out my blog.