Friday, October 2, 2009

Rod Serling Interviews from 1959 and 1970

In commemoration of the Twilight Zone's 50th anniversary, I'm highlighting the man behind the show with these two Rod Serling interviews from 1959 and 1970. CBS first aired the show on October 2, 1959 and it ran for five seasons/156 episodes with Mr. Serling writing nearly 100 of them. An insightful, creative and often righteously angry man; he created an influential legacy with the original Twilight Zone programs still drawing in fans and accolades all these years later.

Although I only viewed the original Twilight Zone episodes in syndicated re-runs, I do have very hazy memories of catching the Night Gallery during it's original run. Still enjoy both series and get excited every time a three day weekend provides a Twilight Zone marathon.


  1. Those are fantastic. I can't wait to sit back and watch all of them. Thanks for sharing them. Big fan of Rod.

  2. Hope you dig the interviews Keith. Rod Serling was a one of a kind writer.