Sunday, October 25, 2009

Voivod videos...

Based out of Quebec, Canada, Voivod always displayed musical growth with their powerful sonic creations. They began with a predominantly heavy metal vibe but quickly moved into a more thrash/crossover sound and continued with a dynamic style in other progressive and heavy directions.

From 1981 to 1991 the line up was: Snake (Denis Bélanger) - lead vocals, Piggy (Denis D'Amour) - guitars, Blacky (Jean-Yves Thériault) - bass, and Away (Michel Langevin) - drums. Drummer Michel Langevin contributed his artwork for Voivod record covers, following the Voivod creature through wars, into dimensional travel and beyond. Voivod has continued to record and tour with membership changes along the way and when guitarist Denis D'Amour lost his battle with colon cancer in 2005 they finished the Katorz (2006) record with additional music and riffs contributed from files saved on his computer. Much respect goes out for his incredible contributions to the world of music.

War and Pain (1984)
Rrröööaaarrr (1986)
Killing Technology (1987)
Dimension Hatröss (1988)
Nothingface (1989)
Angel Rat (1991)
The Outer Limits (1993)
Negatron (1995)
Phobos (1997)
Voivod (2003)
Katorz (2006)
Infini (2009)

Voivod (1984)

Ripping Headaches (1986)

Ravenous Medicine (1987)

Tribal Convictions (1988)

Psychic Vacuum (1988)

Astronomy Domine (1989)

Intro/The Unknown Knows (1989)

Clouds In My House (1991)


  1. These are great. I love Voivod. Never heard as much from them as I would like so this post was quite a treat.

  2. Right on Keith - Voivod rocks! One of my favorite Canadian acts. Always explosive live shows too.