Tuesday, December 9, 2008

King Diamond – No Presents For Christmas – studio & live versions

Always preferred King Diamonds' work with Mercyful Fate more than his solo stuff, but it's hard to not enjoy this guilty pleasure of a rocking anti-Christmas, heavy metal style Christmas number. This fits nicely next to FEARs' "F... Christmas" on my holiday play lists. One for the whole family to enjoy.



  1. Hey Scott. Wow! Those were both so cool. I'm a big fan of King Diamond solo or with Mercyful Fate. These clips were killer. Even though I do love the holiday season and Christmas music, I do get a kick out of stuff like this.

  2. Cool to see yr a King Diamond / Mercyful Fate fan and you enjoyed the vids. I'm with ya, I enjoy a lot of the traditional Christmas trappings (especially those Rankin Bass shows) but stuff like this is a blast too.