Tuesday, December 2, 2008

David Lynch 1997 interview w/Tom Snyder & Lynchs' first film - Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times) - 1966

In his tenure hosting The Late Late Show in the late 1990s, Tom Synder always walked a tightrope of being an interesting interviewer on one end and a boring Paleozoic relic on the other. In this specific case he lands more on the former with this compelling content. I enjoyed this segment with David Lynch from 1997, when he was doing publicity for Lost Highway. As a long time fan and follower of his art and work, there was enough vibrant material to keep me entertained and hopefully you the reader/viewer as well.

Also, included here is David Lynchs' first short film Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times) - 1966, created while he was still in college in Philadelphia. This short, along with his other early works and ongoing feature length films, are referenced and spoken about in his chat with Tom Synder. Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times) is a fascinating peek into the moment where his handiwork went from static to moving pictures.

Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times) - 1966

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  1. Hey Scott. That was pretty interesting. When Tom Snyder was on his game, I really enjoyed his interviews. Other times he would put me to sleep in a few minutes.

  2. A bunch of great exchanges between the two and brilliant stories from David Lynch.