Saturday, November 22, 2008

Slayer - 1986 - Ritz NYC

In the past I've posted a few of these clips as comments on my own or other folks MySpace pages, but presented here now is as a complete assemblage of this one show as possible. This footage comes from exactly the same time I first became aware of and a huge fan of Slayer. So while I was not in attendance at this performance, it does bring back a boat load of memories. Saw them in Chicago several times during this period at the Aragon Ballroom (aka Brawlroom), which is somewhat similar in layout to the Ritz. This seems a pretty accurate representation of my now getting hazy memories of those first few Slayer shows. Really gnarly heaviness and sonic power coupled with insane speed. Still actually own the t-shirt shown below. Mine no longer looks similar to this photo. It's a washed out gray color now, with a few holes and has shrunk far below it's original XL size.

The visual quality of the clips below are ok, but the sound quality is uniquely clear and good. Really good. Well, check 'em out below and lemme know what ya think.

All clips were posted on YouTube by evilaggression and I extend hearty thanks for their existence.

Raining Blood / Angel of Death

Hell Awaits


Postmortem / Epidemic

Praise of Death

Chemical Warfare

Altar of Sacrifice/Jesus Saves


  1. Hails & horns, my man! This is good stuff!

  2. Some of the best/most intense live performances I've ever attended have come from Slayer shows. With opening bands ranging from Danzig (just after he disbanded Samhain, but prior to the first Danzig record), Trouble, Unsane, Sepultura, Testament, Motorhead, Overkill, System of a Down and Mastodon - to name just a few.

    But gosh darn it, 1986 seems like a long time ago...

  3. Wow. So cool. I got into Slayer as a teen from some of my other friends. It doesn't get much getter than Reign in Blood. I've never had a chance to see them live though.

  4. Psyched yr rocking on the Slayer footage. Reign In Blood is up there as far as incredibly good/favorite records for me too! They still put on a hell of a show even these days.