Monday, April 4, 2016

Hercules in the Haunted World (1961)

Directed by the prolific Italian auteur Mario Bava (Black Sabbath, Planet of the Vampires, A Bay of Blood, Rabid Dogs, et al.) with assistance from Franco Prosperi, 1961s Hercules in the Haunted World highlights how Bava was able to bring wild spectacles to the screen utilizing a limited budget.

British body builder Reg Park suits up in a toga and sandals as Hercules. He, along with two pals, must venture into Hades in order to retrieve a magic stone; needed to break the spell his gal pal languishes under. Christopher Lee lurks about as a character who on the surface appears to be more helpful than his true nefarious plans and actions betray.

On display throughout this film are Mario Bava's multitude of movie making skills. The backgrounds, set design, and impressive cinematography all stand out; combining to create many memorable visuals. Sadly, Christopher Lee's dulcet toned voice was dubbed over by someone else.

the trailer

the feature

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