Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb (1993)

The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb was originally commissioned and created as a short to be shown on BBC2 during their special Christmastime programming. Although considered too dark to air as first planned, the short won festival praise, and then additional material was shot which extended the running time to near an hour.

This was filmed with both stop-motion animation for the figures and pixilation (a technique were the actor becomes a stop-motion puppet) for the human actors. Written and directed by Dave Borthwick the plot centers on Tom Thumb, a very small boy who is snatched from his home by a nefarious genetic/government entity. During his escape, he comes into contact with strange creatures as well as other diminutive humans on his path back to his Dad.

Little English is spoken here in this surreal tale, with the soundtrack instead filled with odd grunts and sound effects. English group Startled Insects and John Paul Jones provide musical accompaniment.

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