Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Dante Quartet!!! (1987) Stan Brakhage

With Dante's The Divine Comedy serving as inspiration, Stan Brakhage's short The Dante Quartet!!! took six years to complete and was released in 1987. Broken up into four parts, titled Hell Itself, Hell Spit Flexion, Purgation, and existence is song; the film's creation was a laborious process with Brakhage painting directly onto existing film stock. He would add thick, extra layers on top of the emulsion; incorporating his own hand crafted design to the stock.

Wikipedia offers this additional insight on The Dante Quartet!!!: "Adrian Danks, writing for Senses of Cinema, described the film as offering 'an obscure, off-centre and idiosyncratic perspective that is difficult to conceive – at least initially – as anything other than a glorious celebration of the experiential and material possibilities of film stock and projected light.'"

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