Monday, September 2, 2013

X: The Unheard Music (1986)

X: The Unheard Music (1986)

Filming took place from 1980 to 1985, chiefly around the Los Angeles area, documenting and interviewing the band X as well as the separate individuals involved. Great footage and music!

Songs in order of performance
  • "Los Angeles"
  • "Year One"
  • "We're Desperate"
  • "Because I Do"
  • "Beyond & Back"
  • "Come Back to Me"
  • "Soul Kitchen"
  • "White Girl"
  • "The Once Over Twice"
  • "Motel Room in My Bed"
  • "The Unheard Music"
  • "Real Child of Hell"
  • "Johny Hit & Run Paulene"
  • "I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts"
  • "The World's a Mess; It's in My Kiss"
  • "The Have No

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