Monday, January 28, 2013

The Killing of America (1982)

The Killing of America is a disturbing look at the gun related violence in the U.S. throughout the years after the assassination of John F. Kennedy up until the early 1980s. The footage is unflinching, consisting of uncensored news footage of riots, serial killers, and more related violent darkness. The films's narration was written by Leonard (brother of Paul) Schrader and his wife Chieko Schrader.

Former member of Paul Revere and the Raiders Mark Lindsay contributes a somewhat ominous and propulsive electronic score for the film which is similar to music he helped create for the U.S. version of Shogun Assassin.

An interesting side note, according to the trivia listing for the movie "the film has never been released, distributed, televised nor made available for sale in the USA."

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