Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just Before Dawn (1981)

Director Jeff Lieberman had previously created such drive-in favorites as Blue Sunshine and Squirm, when he brought his creative imprint to the cinematic world of teens in trouble with 1981s Just Before Dawn. Lieberman transcends the slasher in the woods sub-genre with taught atmospherics and well executed pacing which both add to the onscreen terror.

I first saw this movie as a vhs rental in the early/mid 80s. Good times! In fact that scan above is from my still watchable Paragon Video vhs copy, complete with great previews for fun flicks such as Boardinghouse or The Gates of Hell beforehand. Anyway I digress, please check out the trailer and the (presented again) feature below.

the trailer

the feature


  1. Bummer! Wanted to sit down and watch this last night. Any chance of re-up?

    1. D'oh! It was a link from YouTube that got removed but I'll keep digging around to see if it turns up elsewhere.

    2. The feature is back for full length viewing!