Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Viy (1967) aka Вий

Since October has just begun, here's the first of my Halloween themed posts.

Presented below is the 1967 Russian horror film Viy (Вий). The story concerns a monk who must spend three nights alone with a recently deceased witch in order to perform last rights. In doing so he faces a motley menagerie of demons and creatures and the special effects are well done for their time. While not as consistently visually surreal as my earlier post of the more kid centric 1963 Russian film Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, Viy is still worth a peek for the curious.

There are no English subtitles on the above version, but here's a link to a version that I could not embed here, but has subtitles.


  1. What a cool find-I don't think I have ever seen a russian horror film other than the recent nightwatch/daywatch stuff, which only half qualifies as horror.
    I have to get somewhere with good internet so i can watch this.
    Keep coming with these!

  2. Thanks - glad you're enjoying the international movie weirdness!!!