Monday, September 12, 2011

Truck Stop Women (1974)

1974s Truck Stop Women is a curious entry in the realm of 1970s U.S. exploitation cinema. Explosions, action plus t and a are both more than liberally sprinkled throughout, but it's ultimately down beat nature sets this film apart from contemporaries.

Starring one of my favorite actresses, Claudia Jennings, another notable face in the film is Len Lesser, better known as Uncle Leo on the Seinfeld show. Truck Stop Women was always been a favorite of mine, but can prove to be difficult to locate in the vhs waste lands, so it's presented below for viewing.


  1. double clutchin gear jamming mommas
    If I am ever single again, that is how I am going to describe my ideal mate in my personal ad.
    Thanks for the cool movie!

  2. Thanks - it's a wild flick and Ms. Jennings is always superb - 10-4!