Saturday, April 2, 2011

OFF! - 2010 - live on

This past Monday I had a chance to say a quick hello to Keith Morris and check out a live performance from his new band OFF! when they played the Middle East Downstairs. The show was ragingly excellent with a constantly moving pit and stage diving, but zero fights. Openers Trash Talk and Cerebral Ballzy were both great as well with hyperactive sounds that reminded me of 85/86 era American hardcore without being derivative.

Along with Keith Morris the ranks of OFF! are made up of: Steven McDonald - bass, Dimitri Coats - guitar and Mario Rubalcaba - drums. The footage below is a performance from October 2010 on

Black Thoughts / Darkness

Poison City / Now I'm Pissed

Jeffrey Lee Pierce / I Don't Belong

Crawl / Rat Trap

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