Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baroness - 2010 - Metropolis, The Netherlands

The hugely rocking Baroness are based in Savannah, Georgia (same as Kylesa) and combine influences such as classic rock, HEAVY metal and basement hardcore. The intricate and frame worthy artwork for their releases is handled by John Baizley (also providing guitar + vocals). His art has also been featured on output from Kylesa, Torche and Pig Destroyer - among others.

Along with John Baizley the line up includes: Summer Welch - bass, Allen Blickle - drums and Peter Adams - guitar, vocals.

The Baroness footage below comes an appearance at Metropolis - Rotterdam during 2010. Thanks to Rachel (rrijsdijk ) for posting on YouTube.

Bullhead's Psalm & The Sweetest Curse

Jake Leg



  1. Indeed, John Baizley's artistic and musical handiwork is really happening. His cover for Torche's "In Return" 10" as well as Kylesa's "Static Tensions" are especially incredible.