Monday, August 23, 2010

Sonic Youth - 1986 - St. Louis, MO

Sonic Youth
Monday, 3 November 1986
Mississippi Nights - St. Louis, MO

Marilyn Moore
Tom Violence
White Cross
Shadow of a Doubt
Death to our Friends
Secret Girl
Green Light
Brother James
Expressway to yr Skull
Starpower w/fIREHOSE

Here's footage from most of the set...

Marilyn Moore

White Kross

Shadow Of A Doubt

Death To Our Friends

Secret Girl

Green Light

Starpower w/ fIREHOSE


  1. Never seen the live, but I've been a fan of theirs since I can remember.

  2. Sonic Youth was one of my favorite shows during the 80s - the spray of beautiful sounds and noise they create with their guitars are top shelf.

  3. i think the black and white picture is fantastic.