Friday, July 23, 2010

Alice Cooper Group - 1972 - ABC In Concert

This excellently ham handed and rocking footage of the Alice Cooper Group was filmed during a 1972 performance at Hofsta University and then broadcast in November as part of the first episode of the ABC In Concert program.

My taste in the music of Alice Cooper is chiefly found in the years 1969 -1973, when the magical music was created by the Alice Cooper Group. I own more than a few of the solo Alice Cooper releases (along with Pretties for You and Easy Action), but almost always find myself listening to the Love It to Death through Muscle of Love records more often than not. This footage revels in sonic and theatrical Grand Guignol exploits; heavy with the sounds of this era. We're treated to live tidbits of: Eighteen, Gutter Cat Vs The Jets, Streetfight, Killer and School's Out.





  1. That is so awesome. I've been a fan of Alice since I can remember. I wish I could have seen him back in the day.

  2. Thanx Keith - I agree, it would be awesome to see an Alice Cooper Group show back in the early 1970s - bet it was a rocking show