Sunday, June 13, 2010

Carnivore - 1986 - Brooklyn

15 October 1986
L'Amours, Brooklyn NY

After the breakup of the band Fallout and prior to forming Type O Negative, Peter Steele played bass and performed lead vocals in the Brooklyn based thrash band Carnivore. The hard and heavy music was paired with often controversial and thought provoking lyrics. During it's brief existence Carnivore released two records with the sound changing from a more conventional metal style towards a faster, more hardcore crossover sound.

R.I.P. - Peter Steele

Carnivore / Predator / S.M.D.

Male Supremacy / God is Dead

Race War / U.S.A. For U.S.A.

World War III & IV / Five Billion Dead

Ground Zero Brooklyn


  1. I had actually never heard of them before this post. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Always dug Carnivore's sound - heavy, fast and thrashy - but never got to see 'em live. Glad ya enjoyed the vids/blog.