Monday, February 15, 2010

Blue Sunshine (1976) Elvira's Movie Macabre

Presented here by horror hostess Elvira is 1976s Blue Sunshine, which is written and directed by Jeff Lieberman. Mr. Lieberman also directed these unconventional horror film standouts: an invasion of angry worms in Squirm (1976) and Just Before Dawn (1981) a kids menaced by a slasher in the woods film that transcends the genre.

Blue Sunshine takes an mid 70s look at the horrific consequences of acid gobbling in the 60s. Those who enjoyed the "blue sunshine" lsd years ago are revisited by homicidal, hair losing flash backs throughout the double knit, deep shag and Earth toned surroundings. Softcore/exploitation favorite Zalman King has a lead role with Mark Goddard from Lost in Space and Robert Walden from Lou Grant also appearing. According to the trivia listings at "the street that was used for the O'Malley's neighborhood would later be the same street used for A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)."

the trailer

the feature


  1. blue sunshine! dig it. Elvira's gonna be in appearance at this years Texas Frightmare Fest with Romero and Carpenter headlining- very excited. I just updated the moderngrumble website with some new developments and started a film essay blog on here, love to hear your input on both projects. peace.

  2. Oh yeah - acid induced horror show and Elvira's witty repartee. I'll def. check out the modern grumble blog this weekend.

    Digging the Fuck Buttons. Thanks for the hook up on their sounds.