Friday, January 29, 2010

Sonic Youth - 1987 - Madison, Wisconsin

Saw a bunch of memorable shows during the course of 1987 and October found me right up front, elbows on the stage at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago to witness Sonic Youth touring in support of their phenomenal record Sister. It was a harmonic convergence of sorts as a happening band showcased songs from what would go on to be my absolute favorite of their releases while also putting on one of my most highly regarded live performances. Waves and sprays of guitar launched power left quite the impact on me and my naked ears, as this was before I discovered the necessity of ear plugs.

The footage below comes from the 13 October 1987 show at Headliners in Madison, Wisconsin, one day before Sonic Youth made the scene at the Metro. There are also some bonus clips from Atlanta in September, earlier on the Sister tour.

Big thanx to SONICchout for posting all these great clips from 1987.

Stereo Sanctity

Pipeline/Kill Time

Catholic Block

Tuff Gnarl

Tom Violence
White Kross
Kotton Krown
Stereo Sanctity
Brother James
Catholic Block
Tuff Gnarl
Beauty Lies In the Eye
I Wanna Be Yr Dog
Loud Mouth
I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
Today Yr Love, Tomorrow The World
Beat on The Brat

plus these bonus tracks from
earlier on the Sister tour
16 September 1987
at the Metroplex in Atlanta, Georgia

Hotwire My Heart

Beauty Lies in the Eye


Ticket To Ride/Beat On The Brat

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