Saturday, November 7, 2009

Robert Williams art and interviews

Robert Williams is an incredible artist working a hyper colorful palette of fluid surrealism. I've enjoyed his artwork for years, although I could never afford an original painting the closest I've reached is having a framed print of a January 1987 exhibition at New York City's Psychedelic Solution. He is a contemporary of other mind blowing underground artist's such as R. Crumb, Spain and S. Clay Wilson.

Working in oil painting, comics and other mediums, Robert Williams has published many trade paperbacks of his extensive selections. Titles such as: The Lowbrow Art of Robt. Williams, Tortured Libido, Visual Addiction and Zombie Mystery Paintings are a few of these collections and feature introductions from twisted notables like Lydia Lunch, R. Crumb and Dr. Timothy Leary. His artwork has also graced cd and record covers of multiple musical acts, most notably the original cover to Guns'n Roses Appetite for Destruction or Ludichrist's Powertrip.

Below are two interviews with the man himself, the first from 1987 and the other more recent but of unknown date.

from Impact Video zine #1 - 1987

interview from


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  2. Thanks Keith. Robert William's paintings are such a visual trip. Been catching up on cleaning and relaxing this weekend. Take it easy...