Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Runaways – 1977 – UK & Japanese tv

Hugely rocking and influential in equal doses, The Runaways are a sometimes overlooked gem of an American rock band that also counted fans in cutting edge punk outfits like the Sex Pistols and the Germs. Bringing together influences from genres such a heavy metal, glam, punk and rock to create a unique blend was their thing.

Unfortunately they were mainly disregarded by the US radio and music press as the latest gimmick concocted by rock impresario Kim Fowley (even though it was Sandy West and Joan Jett who first presented themselves to Fowley with their ideas and plans for an all girl band), but success came in larger measure in Europe and Japan.

The Runaways sound is a most up front, rocking affair and still stands up well today. They were fronted by the she-Bowie-esque Cherie Currie and gave prominence to the dual riffin' from Joan Jett on rhythm guitar and Lita Ford on lead guitar duties. The rhythm section was populated by bassist Micki Steele and drummer Sandy West. Cannot recommend the first Runaways record enough.

The Runaways Discography
* The Runaways (1976), #194 US
* Queens of Noise (1977), #172 US
* Live in Japan (1977)
* Waitin' for the Night (1977)
* And Now... The Runaways (1978), international release
* Flaming Schoolgirls (1980), compilation
* Little Lost Girls (1981), re-sequenced U.S. version of And Now... The Runaways
* The Best Of The Runaways (1982)
* Born to be Bad (1993), compilation of early demos

School Days - UK 1977

Wasted - UK 1977

Come On - Japan 1977

Cherry Bomb - Japan 1977

All Right You Guys - Japan 1977

I Love Playin With Fire - Japan 1977

Queens Of Noise - Japan 1977

Interview - Japan 1977

American Nights - Japan 1977

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  1. Great post. I love The Runaways. What a kick ass band. Awesome clips. So cool.

  2. Truly a killer band with great tunes. Thanks for the thumbs up on these rocking clips.